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Info.svg This article lists the various tasks that need to be done to keep the wiki organised and useful for everyone.

User pages

If you haven't created a user page for yourself yet, that's a good start. You can get to your user page from the permanent links at the top right, the one with your user name goes to your user page. You can put some info here about yourself such as your interests and how you got involved in building your own charge controller. For example a picture or two of some of your projects and your lab or something would be cool :-)

So far, the following users have updated their own user pages:

Articles that need expanding (stubs)

When an article is first created it's often little more than a few headings or a bullet list of notes that need to be expanded. This is called a "stub" and it should be marked as such by putting {{stub}} on the first line which adds some information advising readers that they're viewing an incomplete concept, and also adds it to the Stubs category so that members can quickly see all the articles that need some expansion work done on them. For more information see Template:Stub.

Articles that need cleaning up

Some articles tend to get quite messy over time as various notes and ideas are added which can make it difficult for readers to get much use from them. If you come across an article like this add {{cleanup}} which will add some information to advise that the process of cleaning it up is in the pipeline, and it will put it in the Articles in need of clean up category so that members can quickly see all the articles that need some work done on them to make them more presentable and useful.


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Putting articles into categories helps to make the wiki much more organised and easier to navigate. A list of all the categories in use is in the Categories special page and is also linked in the sidebar for easy access. To add an article to a category, simply link to the category, e.g. [[Category:Procedures]]. Category links are special as they perform the process of categorisation rather than showing up as a normal link in the page. The convention is to put category links at the very end of the article so they can be found easily when editing.

Old information

Often there are articles in the wiki which become obsolete or superceded by other concepts, but which still retain useful information and so should not be deleted. Such articles should have {{legacy}} put in their first line so that readers know they're not reading the most up to date information. Optionally the title of the current article can be added, for example {{legacy|Apache 2.4}}. See Template:Legacy for more information.